Le Toy Van London Car Set

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Η καλύτερη Le Toy Van London Car Set is a true classic and perfect for small world play.

Comprising 7 iconic London vehicles; a double-decker bus, black taxi, fire engine, police van, ambulance and 2 sporty cars (compatible with the Le Toy Van wooden train tracks). This amazing toy inspires creative play for day after day play adventures.

Made from durable FSC rubberwood from sustainably sourced forests, these chunky toys are highly durable and built to last. They are also hand-painted using non-toxic, water-based dyes for child-safe play.

Explore Le Toy Van's full range of award-winning wooden construction sets and vehicles and expand your little one's imagination.


  • Set of 7 iconic London vehicles
  • Εμπνέει κοινωνικό και ευφάνταστο παιχνίδι
  • Ethically made with love from sustainable FSC rubberwood
  • Δοκιμασμένο αυστηρά για να πληροί τα υψηλότερα πρότυπα ασφαλείας
  • Διακοσμημένο με μη τοξικά χρώματα με βάση το νερό

    Καταλληλότητα ηλικίας: 2 χρόνια και πάνω

    Μέγεθος: 12cm x 6cm x 3cm

    Κωδικός προϊόντος: LTVA-L213190
    Barcode: 5060023412674