Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Activity Toy - Elephant

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Η καλύτερη Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Elephant Activity Toy is a soft toy and teether with a variety of textures, patterns, and sounds! The baby's hands stay busy while they investigate rattles, crinkles, and other toys. The silky bandana teether of this colourful character detaches and can be worn around mom's wrist for easy access. This adorable buddy is suitable for fun at home or on the go and is perfect for multi-sensory play.

Βασικά χαρακτηριστικά:

  • Multiple fabrics and textures are used to create a multisensory experience
  • A vibrant personality
  • Rattles, chimes, squeaks, and reflections (features vary)
  • Bandana is a silicone teether that is pleasant to the touch
  • Connects to a stroller, car seat, or baby carrier

Συνιστώμενη ηλικία: 6m +

Κωδικός προϊόντος: SKIP0120-Ελέφαντας
Barcode: 0879674018082